Group Purchasing Organization

Private Practice Doctors, LLC (PPD) has created a group purchasing organization (GPO) that allows physicians to accrue significant savings on medical, laboratory and office supplies. In these times of decreasing reimbursements and rising costs, PPD has found a way to significantly lower office expenses. We analyzed the service offerings of each of the largest national distributors and found that in order to maximize physician savings, we needed an organization able to negotiate on behalf of all of our members. Therefore, we partnered with SSI Healthcare Solutions and created our own GPO. Our partnership with SSI Healthcare Solutions will provide you with the greatest savings on medical, laboratory and office supplies.

GPO services include web-based ordering with the ability to view accounts, track purchases and compare brands. In addition to savings on medical, laboratory and office supplies, PPD members will also benefit from discounts on ancillary services like waste management and laundry services. Dedicated account managers at SSI will be available to facilitate your purchases and to answer any questions.

We believe that one of the most compelling reasons to become a member of PPD is to save money. Our research indicates that PPD will be capable of providing significant savings on your overall purchasing bills. Let us show you how.