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Dr. Reed Wilson is a highly regarded Cardiologist and Internist in the Beverly Hills/Los Angeles area.  Born in California, his training has taken him to the major university centers in that state as well as Texas.  He currently practices in Beverly Hills and holds an appointment as an Attending Staff at Cedars Sinai Medical Center.

Dr. Wilson has significant medical executive experience beginning as founder and President of the Young Physicians Organization serving hundreds of physician members early in his career.  At that time he began the Young Physicians Charitable Foundation serving the needs of the disadvantaged.  Next, he founded and served as President of Beverly Hills Care a large Independent Physicians’ Association (IPA) serving over 100 physicians and thousands of patients.  In addition, he was founder and CEO of the internet startup and founder and principal of the medical consultant Health Resources Group.  He has served as a consultant for such pharmaceutical giants as Pfizer, Inc. for issues related to Congestive Heart Failure and Merck & Co., Inc. for their multibillion dollar Vioxx litigation.  Dr. Wilson has appeared on nationally syndicated radio in regards to the current healthcare debate.  He has served on the Executive Board of the national organization Doctors 4 Patient Care (D4PC)

Dr. Wilson is serving the President and Managing Member of PPD.

Email: [email protected]