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For many years, the private practice of medicine has been under continuous assault from many directions. It is time to stop the erosion of quality medical care and take action. Private Practice Doctors, LLC (PPD) is a unique organization created by physicians for physicians to maintain the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship.



In order for the private practice physician to continue to exist, office expenses must be lowered. Physicians were trained to heal, not to analyze merchant account rates and employee benefit costs. To that end, PPD is offering four programs and partnerships that may begin to alleviate fiscal stress. The following solutions are currently available for price saving opportunities medical supplies, office supplies, bank and merchant services, employee health insurance and group purchasing. In its quest for excellence, PPD researched, met with principals, and evaluated multiple vendors within each of these sectors. As a result, we are able to present you with a solution that we believe will maximize your savings, allowing your practice to thrive.

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We have a unique contract with one of the largest medical suppliers to provide you with discounted sales and services.
Medical / Surgical Supplies
You run a small business as well as a medical practice, get great discounts on the office essentials you use every day!
Office Supplies & Utilities
We offer amazing prices on electronic medical records systems, vaccines, pharmaceuticals and medicines,
You are a valuable merchant, get discounts on all your banking needs including credit card fees.
Banking Services
Private physicians are small business owners. You deserve discounted insurance products that cater to your practice.
Insurance Services
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